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What's New at Senior High School

‘Midwest Menu’ in Schools,
Oct. 6

The Dubuque Community School District will join school districts across the Midwest in celebrating the third-annual Midwest Menu event on Thursday, Oct. 6. Over 7,000 students in Dubuque and over 500,000 throughout the region will join in the event, which celebrates healthy, regional, and sustainable school meals.

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Fifth Annual 9th Grade Respect Retreat

August 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In our continual effort to promote Dubuque Senior High School’s safe and supportive culture, we are inviting all freshmen to take part in the Fifth Annual 9th Grade Respect Retreat on Wednesday, September 7th and Thursday, September 8th (7:35 AM-2:20 PM).  The retreat will take place at Dubuque Senior High School, Nora Gymnasium.  9th graders will first report to the cafeteria to check in and pick up their name tag for the day.

Lunch on the day your student participates in the retreat will be a sack lunch purchased by your student from our school cafeteria.  If your student prefers to bring a lunch from home, that is also an option.

The retreat will serve as an empowering experience for our 9th grade students to better understand the importance of respecting themselves and others.  Youth Frontiers, a nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, delivers a program to build positive school communities that help young people realize the importance of respect.  Their vision is to change the way students treat each other at school and in their community.

We would like all incoming freshmen to participate in this incredible opportunity.  One half of our freshmen will attend on Wednesday, September 7th and the other half will attend on Thursday, September 8th based on who their English teacher is (see list below).

Wednesday, Sept. 7th                                    Thursday, Sept. 8th

Students assigned to English teachers:           Students assigned to English teachers:

Mrs. M. Anderson                                            Mrs. S. Cuvelier

Mrs. S. Wilgenbusch                                        Mrs. H. Lammer-Heindel

Mrs. M. Williams                                              Mrs. T. Redmond

Ms. L Oberhoffer

Mrs. M King

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Trica Brokus, Student Needs Facilitator, at 552-5504 or


Mrs. Trica Brokus
Student Needs Facilitator
Dubuque Senior High School

RAMS – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the end of every school year we see the large trash cans in the halls get filled as lockers and backpacks are emptied.  And every year we see large quantities of recyclable or reusable school supplies get sent to our landfills.

In an effort to reduce the amount of solid waste produced at Senior and provide assistance to Rams in need of school supplies for fall, the AP Human Geography students are creating a voluntary program for students to recycle or donate their school supplies.

Each teacher will be asked to VOLUNTARILY participate by allowing APHG students to place a REUSE box in their classrooms.  These boxes are where students can put reusable school supplies (binders, notebooks, pens, markers, etc.).  Supplies do NOT need to be in brand new, pristine condition!  For example, a binder that has “Algebra 1” written on it, but is still in good shape and able to be used would be great!  However, a notebook that has no clean paper left in it should be put in the recycle bin.  If you or your students are unsure about the usability of an item, put it in the REUSE box – APHG students will sort the items and recycle what is determined to be unusable.

APHG classes will be creating posters, videos, and announcements to encourage students to participate in this program.  Collected supplies will be sorted, stored, and provided to students at fall registration.  We are working with National Honor Society to run a “store” for students to purchase these supplies at VERY low suggested donation (i.e. 25 cents for a binder).  Students unable to donate will NOT be denied supplies!  Funds collected through this process will be used to purchase permanent containers to continue this program in the future.

APHG students will collect materials placed in the REUSE boxes during 2nd and 6th periods on the following dates.  Boxes should be left outside the classroom door to minimize disruption of classes.

Thursday May 26

Friday May 27

Wednesday June 1

Thursday June 2


Parents are encouraged to send anything from home that could be reused.  Items may be turned in to any classroom box.  Additional boxes will available in Guidance and the LRC if that works easier for before school drop offs.

Dubuque Senior Instructor Named Teacher of the Year

The Dubuque Community School District Teacher of the Year was named at the annual Educators’ Recognition Dinner on May 5, hosted by the school district and the Dubuque Education Association.

Louie Fischer, an English teacher at Dubuque Senior High School, was selected for the honor. Fischer has taught at Senior since 2005. Outside the classroom, he is also the coach of Senior’s girls cross country team. “In his English classroom, student engagement is a specialty for Louie,” said one of his nominators. “Louie finds a variety of ways to tie literature and writing into students’ personal lives, thus making the learning relevant for students. Students look forward to attending his class every day.”
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Student Art Featured in March Digital Fringe

The March edition of Digital Fringe, an online gallery of student art in the Dubuque Community School District, is now live!

View the Elementary School Gallery

View the Middle and High School Gallery

This gallery is a way to highlight the remarkable products of art education in the district. It’s a digital attempt at bringing the work of our student artists at all levels into your home – because art is created for others to take in.

View previous galleries on the Digital Fringe page