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Alumni Reunions and Class Contacts

We work at keeping an updated directory of upcoming class reunions and contacts. All of this information comes from you.  Please send info in an email or type your information into a Word document, attach to an email and send to the webmaster. We will include only include e-mail addresses (not phone numbers) in site information for your safety.
If you have any information on your class please e-mail WebMaster.

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Request a transcript

All transcript requests for former students must be requested through the Forum at (563) 552-3013.  There is a charge of $7 for first copy and $1 for each additional copy made at the same time.  Additional information can be found on the Dubuque Schools Website. The Business Office at Senior High School only has access to transcripts for currently enrolled students.


We currently don’t have information for these classes, keep checking back and if you know your class contact, let us know!


Class of 2000 Class Contact:

Email account is run by Andrea Runde and Jenny Weig — to update contact information, ask questions or just drop line, feel free to email us!!

Class of 2001 Class Contact: or David Zelinskas

Class of 2002 Class Contact: | Facebook

Class of 2003 Class Contact: Danny Kohnen | Facebook

Class of 2004 Class Contact: Kara Whalen |

20th Class reunion will be the weekend of October 4th and 5th 2024

More Details to Come!

Class of 2006 Class Contact: Kristin Crawford | Facebook


Class of 1990 Class Contact: Class Creator Site| Facebook

Class of 1991 Class Contact: Class Creator Site

Class of 1992 Class Contact: Jonathan Helmke | Plans are in the works for a 25th Reunion!


Class of 1993 Class Contact: If you have information, please contact the Webmaster.

Class of 1994 Class Contact: Facebook | Send Photos of Family or Classmates

Class of 1995 Class Contact: SENIORCLASSOF95@AOL.COM

Class of 1996 Class Contact: Karen Clayton or Matt Daykin

Class of 1997 Class Contact: Jeremy Burkart

Class of 1998 Class Contact: More information to come

Class of 1999 Class Contact: Jenna Spect


Class of 1980 Class Contact:

Class of 1981 Class Contact: Chris Vogt

Class of 1982 Class Contact: Reunion Website

Class of 1983 Class Contact: Jennifer McCord Tigges | Ram Class Page Of 1983

Class of 1984 Class Contact: Pam (Lattner) Vaassen | 1984 Classmates Wanted | 1984 Reunion Survey 

Class of 1985 Class Contact: Laura FitzPatrick or Linda Kramer

Class of 1986 Class Contact: Dawn Hansen Ristow or Becky Hines Hauber

Class of 1987 Class Contact: Tamara Yaunches (Uze) | Class Report

Class of 1988 Class Contact: Brenda Coston (Heer) and Kelli Lange (Botsford) | Class Report

Class of 1989: Class Report

Dubuque Senior High School Class of 1989 Gathers Online
Alumni from Dubuque Senior High School Class of 1989 are participating in a Class Reunion Website at


Class of 1972 Class Contact: Robin (Funk) Sanford

Class of ‘72 Facebook Page –


Class of 1973 Class Contact: Sandi Heitzman Apel

Class of 1974  Class Contact: Michele Malone | Facebook 

         50th Class Reunion October 11th and 12th 2024

Click HERE for information and RSVP


Class of 1975 Class Contact: Donita Freiburger

Class of 1977 Contact: Email

Class of 1978 Class Contact: Email | Reunion Info

Class of 1979 Class Contact: Dori Edwards


Class of 1961 Class Contact: David Nieses and Ronald Juergens

Class of 1963 Class Contact: No info available

Class of 1964 Class Contact: Lueann Bregman

Class of 1965 Class Contact: Linda Schaffert Culbertson | Class Report

There are a few Re-Echo’s available with over 150 email connections to your old friends. Contact Linda if you would like to purchase one for $5 each.

Class of 1966 Class Contact: Cindy (Kaiser) Richey or Barry Farber

Class of 1967 Class Contact: Frank Duehr

Class of 1968 Class Contact: Wes Eller | Class Creator | Facebook

Class of 1969 Class Contact: Rick Goodin


Class of 1952 Class Contact: Robert Schwaegler

Class of 1953 Class Contact: Carol Marugg Schwaegler

Class of 1956 Class Contact: Joann Meyer Nesteby | (563) 581-3451

Class of 1957 Class Contact: Lynn Rogers

Class of 1958 Class Contact: Janet Edgar


Class of 1942 Class Contact: Lorraine Heer Humke

Class of 1943 Class Contact: Cindy (Ruth McDougal) Tanzillo