School Handbook

The DCSD Parent / Student Handbook and district forms are available at
Below is the information that is Senior specific.

The mission of Dubuque Senior High School is to provide a climate of mutual respect and support where all may develop their intellectual, creative, social and physical potential.

Ram Fam Core Values

Respect – Having high regard to others and their idea; accepting of other and their values.
Engagement – Showing up and doing your part; participating appropriately.
Integrity – Doing the right thing because it is the right thing and owning your behavior.

Dubuque Senior COVID-19 Plan

  • Students will wear face mask/ covering while entering the school building and while present in the building.
  • Students should not arrive to school prior to 7:15am.
  • Entry/Exit doors will be propped open during student arrival and departure times.
  • Student may enter the building through the Main Entrance doors and/or the Student Stadium doors.
  • Students will use hand sanitizer when entering the building.
  • Students should enter the school upon arrival and proceed to breakfast or their first period class.
  • Signage at the entry points will include reminders for students to:
    • take your temperature each day
    • wear a face covering
    • use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  • Classroom doors will be open during common entry/exit times to avoid unnecessary touch points and as much as possible during the day to increase air flow.
  • At the conclusion of the school day, students are required to leave at 2:20 to allow staff to prepare the building for the following school day.

Students are encouraged not to use their lockers. Students should bring backpacks to school each day (including freshmen orientation).

Senior Academic Programs

F.A.S.T – Friday Academic Support

The FAST program is a highly structured work time that is designed to assist students with homework completion, preparation for tests/quizzes, test/quiz make-up, or just a quiet place to work where support is available.  FAST is held every Friday that school is in session, and all Senior students are welcome to attend. This program is staffed by Senior’s paraeducators, as well as Honors/AP student tutors.

Students attending FAST need to be at the main entrance doors between 7:25 and 7:35 AM on Friday mornings.  Students must be working on school related tasks the entire period.  Computer access is available during this time as well.  Students will be asked to leave if they are not using this time to complete school work.

Questions regarding the FAST program should be directed to Ms. Zillig, 552‑5504.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society, active since 1926 at DSHS, is a service and honorary organization. The National Honor Society is a National School Honor Organization. Members are selected based on academic excellence (3.2 cumulative G.P.A.), leadership, service, and character. Behavior violations of the good conduct code, whether a candidate is or is not out for an activity, and suspendable offenses during the year of eligibility will disqualify that student from National Honor Society membership.


  1. All current members are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the Dubuque Community School District Code of Conduct.

Consequences for students that violate the Code of Conduct standard may include:

  • 1st offense: 30 school day suspension from NHS, and upon return to active status, will remain on probation for the remainder of the school year.
  • 2nd offense: Results in removal from National Honor Society.

Students that violate laws that lay outside of the Code of Conduct (theft, assault, etc…) will be subject to a hearing in front of the National Honor Society Faculty Council to review that students standing in this organization.

  1. All members are expected to complete 15 hours of Community/School Service each semester of membership. Failure to adhere to this standard will face removal from the National Honor Society.

The Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is a partnership between the school and community to recognize student academic achievement.  Renaissance discounts for school events will only be available at the Business Office.

Red Card
(All A’s)
Blue Card
(All A’s & B’s)
White Card
(All A’s, B’s & C’s)
Dance Tickets:
$3 off Snocoming
$5 off Prom
Dance Tickets:
$2 off Snocoming
$3 off Prom
Dance Tickets:
$1 off Snocoming
$1 off Prom
1 Renaissance, Pens, Drawstring Bag, &
1 Renaissance T-shirt & Pen 1 Renaissance T-shirt &Pen
Eligible for various drawings
Renaissance Discount Card

A Commitment to Excellence, a Partnership between school and
the community to recognize academic achievement.

School Counseling and Career Center

Daily Schedule

Health Services—SCHOOL NURSE

Jane Rollins R.N. is the school nurse, and her telephone number is 552-5520.  Lori Streit is the Health para-professional and her telephone number is 552-5519.  Health Service office hours are 7:00-2:30, Monday thru Friday.

The school nurse provides assessment of illness and injury, health interventions, health education, screening for health factors that may impact student education, medication administration, accommodations in school and referrals to school and community and governmental services to meet student needs.

Procedures for the use of the Health Office are as follows:

  1. A student who becomes ill or is injured should notify their teacher or another employee as soon as possible so the student can be sent to the health office. A school pass will be signed by the teacher/para-professional from the class the student is excused from.  The attendance office will be notified of the time of departure from the health office, if the student is sent home ill/injured.
  2. If the student is too ill or injured to remain in school, the student will be released to the student’s parent or to another person directed by the parent or is listed as a contact in Infinite Campus. In the case of a serious illness or injury, the school shall attempt to notify parents according to the information in the Summary Screen in Infinite Campus.   It is the parent/guardian responsibility to keep these emergency contacts and phone numbers up to date.
  3. Students must not leave the building for illness or injury without authorization through Health Services/attendance.
  4. Teachers may consult the nurse if they have a concern regarding the health of a student. Information regarding a health issue can be released to school personnel who need to know.
  5. Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the school nurse when students are absent with a communicable disease, upcoming surgery or other pertinent health problems that will require accommodations for the student at school. The school nurse will coordinate with families/school personnel to arrange necessary accommodations.


  1. Students absent from school can access their teacher’s email through the Dubuque Senior High School website: to request assignments. A request for homework from the health office is done only for health related absences of 5 consecutive days or longer.  After requesting homework please allow one school day for homework to be prepared and turned in to the Main Office to be picked up.
  2. When a student is taking a personal leave or vacation, he/she must contact the Attendance Office prior to leaving. The student will be required to obtain approval from teachers and obtain homework for the absences.


  1. Students who are unable to fully participate in physical education class due to health/physical reasons are required to have a written excuse from their health care provider explaining the student’s limitations and the length of time the limitations will be necessary. The nurse fax number is 563-552-5721. The health office is able to release a student from PE for a minimum of 1 day and for a maximum of 3 days at the discretion of the school nurse.


The administration of prescription and/or over-the-counter medication by school personnel to students in school shall be done only with written authorization and direction of a licensed healthcare provider legally authorized to prescribe.  The written authorization is only valid for the current school year.

  • Prescription medication must be in the original containers with the pharmacy label attached. Over-the-counter medications must also be in the original containers.
  • Parents should bring their child’s medication to the school’s Health Office or have it delivered by the pharmacy. If the medication is sent to school with your child, please notify the health office and the staff will assure the medication is taken to the Health Office as soon as possible.
  • Students are only allowed to take medication in school when it is administered by the school nurse/qualified personnel in the health office. Exceptions will be when written permission is granted by the prescriber for students with asthma to carry an inhaler with them or for diabetics to administer insulin or students who require an Epipen for life threatening allergic reactions.
  • No medication can be kept at school through the summer months. Any medication not picked up by parent/guardian will be discarded.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up any unused medication from the health office at the end of the school year. Controlled substances will not be sent home with the student at the end of the school year.  The parent/guardians will be responsible for notifying the health office prior to the last day of school to arrange to pick up unused medication from school.

Health Care providers can fax a medication release to Senior at 563-552-5721. Local health care providers have the school medication release form.

EXCEPTION ONLY FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLS AND HIGH SCHOOLS: Acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) and ibuprofen (i.e. Motrin) medications may be administered in the middle and high schools by the school nurse after assessment of appropriate use for the student with ONLY a parent or legal guardian consent


A Public Health Immunization Certificate signed by a health care provider stating that the student has received the immunizations is required by law.  Students without the proper certificate are not allowed to attend school until they receive the immunization or the student makes arrangements with the school nurse.  Only for specific medical or religious purposes are students exempted from the immunization requirements.

Insurance: Hawk-I Insurance for Children

Parents can apply for low-or no-cost health insurance for their children (birth to age 19) through the state’s Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (HAWK-I) program  Parents are urged to call 1-800-257-8563 (toll free) or go to the web site at   for more information.


A physician may request a visiting teacher if a student is unable to attend regular classes for a period of two weeks consecutively or more due to illness/injury.  The physician written order must state the reason for the visiting teacher and length of time visiting teacher will be needed.  Health care providers can fax a release to the school nurse at 563-552-5721.


Waiting for Rides

  • Students waiting to be picked up during the school day should do so by the Main Entrance vestibule.
  • Students waiting to catch the Jule should wait for the bus outside at the bus stop. In the case of inclement weather students will be allowed to wait in the Main Entrance vestibule.

Commons Expectations

Student may use the Commons before school, and when they are not scheduled in a class until 2:20pm.

Respect the space and others around you by:

  • Show respect for personnel and property by being courteous to other.
  • Keeping an appropriate noise level when speaking.
  • Using appropriate language.
  • Please use ear buds for all electronic devices.
  • Throwing away trash.
  • Return furniture to its original placement.
  • Sitting on furniture appropriately.
  • During open hours, students must remain in the Commons area until the dismissal bell for passing time.
  • Closed for lunch.


  • Open only during lunch.



There are approximately 200 student parking spaces available.  Students eligible for upper lot stickers were assigned using a lottery system.  Students may pick up parking forms at registration and return the completed forms to the AP Office. (Do Not Lose the Parking Sticker.)

Students must bring to the AP office the following:

  • valid driver’s license
  • proof of insurance for the car you will be driving to school
  • valid registration for that car

You will not be able to receive a parking sticker without this information.

Cost:  $40.00.


  1. Your parking sticker must be placed in the front window, passenger’s side of your car unless special arrangements are made.
  2. If you drive a different car to school, you MUST let the Assistant Principal’s Office know before 7:35am or you may be ticketed.
  3. If you sell your vehicle (or drive a different car, other than the car you had at registration time), then you MUST bring your old parking sticker into the Assistant Principal’s Office in order to receive a new sticker at no charge.
  4. If you are caught leaving campus without school authorization, you will lose your parking sticker.
  5. If you have authorization to leave and you are with someone who does not have authorization, you will lose your parking sticker.
  6. Parking in our lots is a privilege not a right. Any vandalism to anyone’s car, speeding, squealing of tires or reckless driving will not be tolerated and you will lose your parking privilege. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for this.
  7. Students are not allowed to park in the West Staff parking lot between the hours of 6:30am to 3:30pm or during conferences.
  8. Senior’s are sold parking stickers first in the Upper lot and then the Lower lot. Junior’s are sold parking stickers to park in the Lower lot only and must have a valid parking sticker.
  9. Violator’s will receive a city parking ticket and may be towed at owner’s expense.
  10. Student parking is between the yellow lines and faculty is between the white lines.
  11. Parking stickers are non-transferable/non-refundable to another student or sibling when a student is graduating early.
  12. If an imitation sticker is found, the sticker will be pulled, vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed.


To maintain proper parking in our lots and around Dubuque Senior High School, towing of cars may be necessary. With the exception of an emergency situation, the following procedures should be followed before a car is towed.

  • A recent warning and a ticket should be issued to the offender. A record of this warning must be kept by the supervisors.
  • If the offender continues to park in restricted areas then:
  1. Contact the police and towing agency to have the car(s) towed.
  2. A ticket should be made out and the police should be present before the car is hooked up to tow.
  3. A record should be kept of the following information:
  4. Ticket Number
  5. Time car was towed
  6. Name of police officer
  7. Name of the offender (car)
  8. Who is the towing company
  9. Where the car will be towed (to pick up)
  10. Cost to pick up the car
  11. Condition of the car – any visible damage
  12. Notification to the Assistant Principal’s Office and the Main Office

The towing of a car should be a “last effort” to correct the problem after recent warnings have been issued.

School Discipline Policy

Dubuque Senior High School follows the Dubuque Community School District Student Behavior Expectations and Consequences Policy 5200 which governs the conduct of its students and provides student due process.  The 5200 policy can be found on the District website:


  1. Respect ourselves and others.
  2. Respect our property and the property of others.
  3. Follow the class schedule and be to class on time.
  4. Follow the rules in the following areas:
  5. Learning Resource Center
  6. Commons
  7. Study Halls
  8. Cafeteria & Concession Stand
  9. Hallways
  10. Individual Classrooms
  11. Parking Lot


No student is to leave campus during the lunch period.  Students are to eat in the cafeteria only.

  1. During Breakfast all students must leave for class no later than 7:30 in the morning.
  2. Remain seated during lunch until the dismissal bell rings
  3. Enjoy conversation in a normal speaking voice.
  4. Do not cut in front of others in line.
  5. Do not litter-return all trays to the proper area.
  6. Show respect to personnel and property by being courteous to others.
  7. No food may be taken out of cafeteria.
  8. Students must go to either the cafeteria or the library during lunch and must stay in that location during the entire lunch period. Students MAY NOT walk back and forth between locations or take food items up to the library.


Students who are not assigned to a class or study hall:

  1. Report to either the Commons or the Library before the end of passing time.
  2. Remain in your chosen location for the entire class period.
  3. Follow all expectations stated for each location.


Students who are assigned to study hall:

  1. Sit in assigned seat.
  2. No talking, eating, or sleeping.
  3. Respect all school property.
  4. Bring homework or school-related reading materials each day.


The Intervention Room is an extension of the Assistant Principal office.  Students may be assigned to the Intervention Room by school Administrator/Student Needs Facilitator only. Any electronic devices are not allowed in the Intervention Room.


Assemblies and pep rallies are held for several purposes:  to teach, to entertain, to honor, to display school spirit, to celebrate, and etc.  Depending upon the purpose of the assembly, there is a specific type of behavior expected of the audience.  First and always, the members of the audience should respect the rights of the performer or speaker who is presenting the program.  There is an obligation of courtesy that each student at DSHS owes other people in this school.  It is our expectation that you respect that obligation and our belief that you are due that level of courtesy in return.

  1. Follow assembly instructions as given to you by a teacher or administrator.
  2. Honor and respect the dignity of the program.
  3. Avoid talking, yelling, clapping, or indicating your approval or disapproval when such is not appropriate. Even at pep rallies there is a time to cheer and a time to listen.
  4. Students are to sit on the bleachers or chairs.
  5. Students are expected to attend assemblies. Those that leave will be marked as absent for the class period.


Guests to Senior High School dances must be at least a 9th grade student and at most the age of 20. Senior High School student’s bringing a guest to a dance must have their ticket purchased and the guest’s name on the guest list no later than Thursday at 10am the week of the dance in the Business Office. If a Senior High School student attends a DCSD High School dance and is found to be impaired, they will be suspended from school for 3 days and suspended from the next Senior High School dance. If the infraction occurs during the last dance of the year, they will be suspended from all other after school activities for seven days from the date of the infraction. Students graduating at Midterm may attend dances 2nd semester.


If a student attends a DCSD school activity and is found to be impaired, they will be suspended from school for 3 days and suspended from all after school activities for seven days from the date of the infraction.


Students may hold hands, but overt displays and demonstrations of affections such as kissing, long embraces, and petting are prohibited on school grounds. Students who fail to comply with this rule will be subject to referral to the AP Office for disciplinary action and parents will be contacted.


The Dubuque Community School District Attendance Policy #5107 may be found on the district website.

  • Attendance letter will be sent home at 6 and 9 absences regardless of whether or not they are excused.
  • Students that are called in absent are encouraged to contact their teachers to find out about missing homework.

Admit Slips

  • Students, who do not have a first period class and arrive before second period begins, report to the commons until the dismissal bell. He/she does not need an admit slip into school.


If the parent-guardian comes to the office to sign the student out, classes cannot be interrupted to get a student, except in the case of a genuine emergency.  Parents are asked to take note of the time during which students may be dismissed for non-emergencies.

If an early release permission, request is received in the Attendance Office by 7:40 a.m. or immediately upon arrival at school on the day on which the student is to sign out, arrangements will be made to dismiss the student at the appropriate time.  The student will then pick up his/her Early Release Verification form at the Attendance Office prior to leaving class.

All requests may be verified.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the student will not be given permission to sign out early.

No student is permitted to leave school without signing out in the attendance or the nurse’s office.  Parent or guardian must be contacted before a student can be released.


When a student is late to school, the student must enter through the main doors after 7:35 am.  The Attendance office will print a CheckIn pass for the student to give to the teacher.  They will be marked TARDY if entering under 10 minutes into the class period or ABSENT if more than 10 minutes into the class period, however are still required attend class. When a parent/guardian contacts the Attendance office excusing the student’s lateness the student will receive an excused absence or excused tardy.


  • During the year there may be a time when it is absolutely necessary for a student to miss school. These days are excused if the student has parent/guardian permission and completes a pre-arranged absence form (located in the Attendance Office) prior to leaving.


A student who turns in a forged parental note, makes an unauthorized phone call to the Attendance Office, or forges a hall pass, or a teacher’s signature will be seen by an Assistant Principal for disciplinary action and an unexcused absence will be issued.


Dubuque Senior High maintains a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave campus during school hours. Students are expected to be in class or in a supervised area, not wandering around the building. Students who leave campus and/or an unsupervised school building area without permission during their school day will receive UNEXCUSED absence for the missed class periods.  Before a student can leave campus during school hours, he/she must obtain a Leave the Building Permit form from the nurse or Attendance Office. Students must obtain AP office permission to go to a car that is on or off school property, unless they are finished with classes for the day. Students may receive a 1 day in school suspension for leave the building without permission. Also, students may receive a 1 day in school suspension for opening a door to let others into the building.



It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to hold students accountable for their tardiness to class. It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep accurate records of attendance and tardiness.  All students are expected to be in class when the period begins.  Students who are 10 or more minutes late to class without an authorized pass will be issued a class cut.



1st Tardy: ________ (Date)

2nd Tardy: ________ (Date)

3rd Tardy: ________ (Date)

Step 1:     Teacher Interventions

  1. Classroom expectations reviewed with student.
  2. Consequences for tardiness
  3. Contact Parents/Guardian _________________

Date Contacted/Phone Number

Step 2:     Parents/Guardian contacted if student is non-compliant.

Step 3:     Student referred to Assistant Principal for failure to respond to Intervention on ____/____/____.

4th Tardy:

______ Teacher contacts parents informing them of tardy.

______ Time working with teacher.

5th Tardy:

______ Teacher contacts parents informing them of tardy.

______ Time working with teacher.

6th Tardy:

______ Teacher contacts parents informing them of tardy.

______ Time working with teacher.

7th Tardy:

Student will be referred to the AP office.


Activities at Dubuque Senior High School

Athletics, Activities and Clubs can be found under the Athletics and Activities buttons on the Senior High homepage.