Silver Cord Program

DSHS Silver Cord Program

What is the Silver Cord Program?

The Dubuque Senior High School Silver Cord Program is a service-learning opportunity for students to volunteer in our community.  By earning enough hours of volunteer work, you will be recognized at Graduation as a Silver Cord recipient.  You will receive a certificate and will wear a Silver Cord upon your gown.

Why Participate in Our Silver Cord Program?

Ram Fam Core Values: Participation in the Silver Cord program helps demonstrate our Core Values of Respect (having a high regard for others), Integrity (doing the right thing) and Engagement (doing our part and participating) as we work toward positively impacting the Dubuque community to make it better.

Network: You may be able to find an opportunity that will allow you some experience in a field of interest which will provide you with some insight to a future career.

Social Skills: All post-secondary endeavors require the development of social skills.  This allows you a safe place to practice your listening, communicating, and many other skills.

Competitive Edge: Job applications, college transcripts, and any other post-secondary work will involve you competing against others for opportunities and jobs.  Having a Silver Cord certificate will communicate to future employers or schools that your strengths extend beyond academics, but also in the area of responsibility and compassion.

Collective Impact: With the size of our school, think of the amount of impact we could have on our community.  There are many in need of help and/or support and we have the capacity to serve!

Silver Cord Program Guidelines

Hour Totals: Each participant must have a minimum of 100 hours of service-learning by May 1st of their Senior year.There is a recommended 25 hours per year to help reach that goal.The Silver Cord calendar year runs from June 1st to May 31st.

Hour Details:  Hours are credited by 30-minute intervals, with a limit of eight hours a day.  All hours must be completed outside of the contract day unless prior approval is received.Students have 30 days from date of service to record hours with our Business Office.

Acceptable Service Learning Hours:
a. A non-profit agency
b. Church (activities outside of services)
c. School
d. Park
e. Senior living community
f. Charity program
g. Daycare center
h. Community events

Unacceptable Service Learning Hours:
a. Sport team managing or fundraising for DSHS
b. Rehearsing
c. Working from home
d. Court-ordered services
e. Working for a political party/campaign
f. Participating in a marathon
g. May not be associated with rituals, services, or ceremonies of any specific religion (choir, candle lighting, altar service, etc.)
h. Working for a relative, neighbor, or friend
i. Working for pay or compensation of any kind

Your Responsibility: All service opportunities that are listed on the school website, Facebook, School Counseling office bulletin board, or Twitter are already approved.  Anything else needs to be preapproved before a request for credit can be submitted.  You can find all forms needed in our Business office, School Counseling office, or in the links.

Facebook: DSHS Silver Cord Program
Twitter: @DSHSSilverCord

Silver Cord Online Volunteer Form

Silver Cord Online Program Service Hours Log

Silver Cord Approved Activity List