Ram Fam:

Over the past few weeks, we have had countless meetings (some in person, many through Zoom) on how to safely and effectively open up for learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the Dubuque Community School District has opted for HYBRID learning. At the same time, approximately 23% of the student body is learning from home, VIRTUALLY. On any given day, approximately 600-650 students are in the building (compared to around 1600 pre-Covid).

As a result of the learning options, in addition to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to CANCEL the Fall 2020 Homecoming activities. The pandemic requires that NO large group assemblies can take place, and other traditional events during Homecoming (such as a dance, hall of fame ceremonies, and parades) are subject to very limited attendance.

Given all considerations surrounding the pandemic, we felt the best course of action at this time is the cancellation of the Fall 2020 Homecoming activities. We look forward to a time in which we are able to gather again, without limitations, to honor our Hall of Fame inductee