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Senior Awards Winners 2017

Dubuque Senior High Awards 2017


National Merit Finalist – Elizabeth Kelsey, Collin Sindt, Grace Tsui

National Merit Commended – Matthew Barton, Jesse Hannan, Brendan Howe, Emma Tonn

Principal’s Leadership Award  – Collin Sindt

Students with Highest Honors (4.0 or above)

Matthew Barton
Kailani Biehl
Justin Blum
Wesley Brimeyer
Megan Brokus
Margaret Burns
Grace Gudenkauf
Tatum Hallstoos
Jesse Hannan
Jacob Hansen
Madelyn Hawkins
Cassandra Hennings
JaNiese Jensen
Elizabeth Kelsey
Autumn Kemp
Aaron McDermott
Maxwell McIntyre
Josephine Mills
Drake Oswald
Mollie Phalen
Lauren Pinchuk
Kristin Rasmussen
Julia Rodewald
Emma Sass
Tyler Schmit
Rebecca Schueller
Luz Schwalb
Madeline Shearer
Collin Sindt
Brittany Smith
Allison Steger
Seth Taylor
Jessica Tompkins
Grace Tsui
Danielle Waldbillig
Allison Williams
Caroline Woodward
Brandon Yuan
Hailey Zillig


Alliant Energy – Autumn Kemp, Rebecca Schueller

American Legion Drake Oswald – Frances Inzenhofer, William Woodwar, Elli Decker

Hawkeye Boys State – David Miner

Artistic Achievement  – Justin Blum

Bausch & Lomb – Tessa Kemp

Better Business Bureau – Rebecca Schueller

Cottingham & Butler Tanner Gross

Des Moines Register – Grace Tsui

Dubuque Bank & Trust – Brandon Yuan

Dubuque Brass – Kristin Rasmussen

Dubuque Eagles “Eyes on the Future” student – Brianna Gourley

Dubuque Eagles “Eyes on the Future” Teacher of the Year – Mr. Tom Cuvelier

Dubuque Evening Lions Club – Peyton Haller

Dubuque County Right to Life – Emma Sass

Dubuque Senior Educational Foundation – Emma Baxter, Brandi Blatz, Justin Blum, Jacob Hansen, Jacob Nolan, Rebecca Schueller, Brittany Smith

Dubuque Senior FAST Tutors – Megan Brokus, Elizabeth Kelsey, Kristin Rasmussen, Julia Rodewald, Rebecca Schueller, Danielle Waldbillig

Dubuque Senior Key Club Service Awards – Allyson Kirk, Allison Steger

DuTrac Community Credit Union – Jacob Hansen

Great Draw Visual Art Scholarship – Mollie Phalen

Iowa Chapter GX of the National Tri T Society – Morgan Foley

Iowa State Bar American Citizenship – Grace Gudenkauf, Emma Sass, Jessica Tompkins

KWWL “The Best of the Class” – Brittany Smith

Outstanding Senior Male & Female Athletes – Emma Sass, Louis Psihoyos

The Bernie Saggau Award – Madelyn Hawkins

“The ‘Semper Fidelis’ Award for Musical Excellence” – Alexander Breckon, Alanna Maier

Thomas Determan Global Perspectives Leadership Award – Mollie Phalen


Alice & Eldon Davis – Jesse Hannan

Andrew Gregg Vernon – Elizabeth Kelsey, Hailey Zillig

Charles Benjamin Pickard – Brendan Howe

Clarence Griep – Elizabeth Kelsey

Company A, 528th Quartermaster – William Woodward

Di Tella – Frances Inzenhofer

E. Wayne Cooley Award – Kailani Biehl

Floyd G. Rundle – Anthony Canganelli

Harold & Olga Hantelmann – JaNiese Jensen, Aaron McDermott, Allison Williams, Caroline Woodward

James & Zoe Connor – Collin Sindt

Jeannette Butt – Madelyn Leytem

Jim Boughton – Mackenzie Gaherty, Jalen Hildebrand

Jimmy Duehr – Caleb Marting

John D. Soley – Kailani Biehl

Joseph J. & Sue E. Kaesbauer – Matthew Barton

Josey (Molony) & Ray Feeney – Jenna Pancratz

Kyle Andersen – Connor Ripperger

LeRoy F. Ludwig – Tatum Hallstoos

Marja & Sabrina Davis – Allison Steger

O’Connor & Thomas – Robert Klinkhammer

Pirkko & Jeffrey Davis – Megan Brokus

Robert E. Harris – Grace Tsui

Scott Althoff – Tyler James (T. J.) Deardorff

Wilbur Dalzell – Grace Tsui

William & Suzanne Laiblin – Wendy Moreno Sayago


Presentation of Senior Class Officers
President – Collin Sindt
Vice President – Margaret Burns
Representatives – Kendall Doerr, Jessica Tompkins, Caroline Woodward, Jacob Hansen


Art –  Elisha Warnke

Photography – Saul Benjamin Briones

Business – Nicholas Weber

English – Elizabeth Kelsey

Family Health and Consumer Science – Rebecca Slaton

Industrial Education – Ethan Herrig

Yearbook Top Designer – McKenna Lincoln

Math – Jesse Hannan, Grace Tsui

Music Awards:
Band Gold – JaNiese Jensen

Choral Gold – Allison Williams

Orchestra Gold – Justin Blum

“Noteworthy” Band – Eric Blum, Spencer Geers, Jacob Hansen, Alexandria McDermott

“Noteworthy” Choral – Taylor Graham, Connor Ripperger

“Noteworthy” Orchestra – Brandon Jenkins

National Honor Society – Natalie Donath

Science – Josephine Mills

Social Studies – Josephine Mills

Student Council – Caroline Woodward

World Language Recipients:
French – Collin Sindt
German – Julia Rodewald
Spanish – Josephine Mills Allison Williams

Fall Sports Check In Dates

Check-in for fall sports will be held on the dates/times listed below.

The following forms (completely filled out and signed) will be collected at that time:

Athletic Participation Required Forms (PDF)

Consent for Cognitive Testing and Release of Information (PDF)

NOTE: Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) will be administered the same week as check-in. Please see below for dates and times.

Check-in schedule is as follows:


Monday, July 31
All Participating  |  8 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office 


Monday, July 31
Varsity  |  11:30 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office 

Tuesday, August 1
Sophomore  |  11:30 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office

Wednesday, August 2
Freshmen  |  11:30 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office


Tuesday, August 1
Women  |  8:30 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office

Wednesday, August 2
Men  |  8:30 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office 


Thursday, August 3
All Participating  |  8 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office 


Thursday, August 3
Men  |  9 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office 


Thursday, August 3
Women  |  9:45 a.m.  |  Senior Activity Office           

If you are planning to participate in a fall sport, please report at the times listed.  Have physical forms, concussion form, and student information section, all completely filled out and signedNO ONE will be allowed to practice until the completed forms have been turned in to the Activity Office secretary either at the check-in date or in the Activities Office before the first practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!  The physical will be kept on file in the office for one year.

ImPACT Schedule

Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) will be administered the same week as check-in. Those athletes who need to take this test, please note the time of the test and have your consent form filled out and signed.

NOTE: this date MAY NOT be the same as your designated check-in date!

All testing will be located in the WRITE PLACE Computer Lab (across from the LRC)

Monday, July 31
6:30 a.m. – ALL Football Players ONLY
8:30 a.m. – Cheerleaders

Tuesday, August 1
7:30 a.m. – Women’s Cross Country

Wednesday, August 2
7:30 a.m. – Men’s Cross Country
9 a.m. – Volleyball

Friday, August 4
8:15 a.m. – Men’s Golf
8:15 a.m. – Women’s Swimming


Senior Graduation Reminders

Dubuque Senior High School Graduation 2017


Reminder dates to remember:

Senior Awards Night – May 15th  7:00 pm Dubuque Senior High School Auditorium

Seniors Last Day – May 24th… Please note this is a change in the school calendar


All school debts must be paid no later than Friday, May 12th


Seniors who want a final semester transcript sent to colleges, vocation schools or employers, must turn in a final request to Mrs. Norton, in the Business/Registrar’s Office, before May 24th .  If you have any questions regarding transcripts, please call 552-5525 or stop by the Business Office.


Caps and gowns will be distributed at graduation rehearsal at the Five Flags Center on June 2nd.   YOU MUST HAVE ALL DEBTS CLEARED (and all library books and textbooks turned in) TO RECEIVE YOUR CAP & GOWN.


Grades for seniors will be finalized on Thursday, May 25th at 1:00 pm.  Any senior who does not meet graduation requirements, will be notified.  SENIORS LACKING CREDITS FOR MEETING GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY.


All senior participating in commencement must report to Five Flags by 12:45 PM.  It is imperative that all graduating seniors be at this practice unless individually excused by Dr. Johnson.  If you are absent and have not contacted Dr. Johnson, you will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in the graduation ceremony.


Report cards will be handed out at the commencement practice on June 2nd.  If you have any questions concerning any aspect of your report card, please contact your teacher or call Mr. Howes at 552-5510.


There will be a temptation to break file after graduating.  You will save a great deal of time and confusion, however, if you follow directions and maintain your spacing and lines until you are out of Five Flags.  DO NOT BE IN A HURRY; THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE!!


As a service to graduates and parents, Lifetouch Photography, a professional photographer has been retained to photograph all graduates at the commencement ceremonies.  Pictures will be taken as the graduates receive their diplomas. Lifetouch will send you a descriptive brochure and instructions for ordering after the ceremony. Information regarding pictures will also be in their graduation envelope that they will receive at graduation rehearsal.  Our purpose in providing this service is two-fold.

First, to give you the opportunity to have a fine professional photo.  Secondly, to reduce confusion, distraction, and crowding around the stage during the graduation ceremony, there will be an area on the right side of the stage for family and friends to take photos.  We ask that these family members and friends return to their seats immediately after taking pictures.


Students are to wear appropriate clothing for this special event.  For women, this would mean a dress or slacks and for men, a dress shirt and dress pants.  Attire will be subject to administrative approval.  If you have not met the expectations listed here or do not demonstrate appropriate behavior, you may be denied the opportunity to participate in the ceremony.


Family and friends will want to allow extra travel time to avoid traffic and parking problems.  There will be no limitation on seating.  Five Flags personnel have asked that we remind you not to reserve seats by placing programs, coats, etc. on chairs.  The Fifth Street parking ramp will have plenty of parking spaces.  If you are in need of handicapped accessible seating Five Flags does reserve a section for that need (which would include the person in need and one more person) it will not be for the whole family.  Arrive early to guarantee your seat.


Non-participants may pick up their diplomas and cap and gown on Monday, June 5th in the Business Office.  DIPLOMAS WILL NOT BE MAILED.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. McCaw at 552-5503.




February 13, 2017

Boys/Girls Track and Field
Track teams are in season and subject to team rules and expectations for attendance during spring break.

March 13, 2017

**This is also the start of DCSD Spring Break—if you are unable to be at practice this week you MUST contact your coach**

Boys Soccer
Boys soccer will have two-a-days for the first week of practice/tryouts.  First round of cuts will be made on Friday, March 17, followed by another round of cuts on Wednesday, March 22.

Boys/Girls Tennis
Cuts will be made this week – not being able to be there may have an impact on those decisions.

Girls Golf
Practice will begin on March 13

March 20, 2017

Girls Soccer

Fifth Annual 9th Grade Respect Retreat

August 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In our continual effort to promote Dubuque Senior High School’s safe and supportive culture, we are inviting all freshmen to take part in the Fifth Annual 9th Grade Respect Retreat on Wednesday, September 7th and Thursday, September 8th (7:35 AM-2:20 PM).  The retreat will take place at Dubuque Senior High School, Nora Gymnasium.  9th graders will first report to the cafeteria to check in and pick up their name tag for the day.

Lunch on the day your student participates in the retreat will be a sack lunch purchased by your student from our school cafeteria.  If your student prefers to bring a lunch from home, that is also an option.

The retreat will serve as an empowering experience for our 9th grade students to better understand the importance of respecting themselves and others.  Youth Frontiers, a nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, delivers a program to build positive school communities that help young people realize the importance of respect.  Their vision is to change the way students treat each other at school and in their community.

We would like all incoming freshmen to participate in this incredible opportunity.  One half of our freshmen will attend on Wednesday, September 7th and the other half will attend on Thursday, September 8th based on who their English teacher is (see list below).

Wednesday, Sept. 7th                                    Thursday, Sept. 8th

Students assigned to English teachers:           Students assigned to English teachers:

Mrs. M. Anderson                                            Mrs. S. Cuvelier

Mrs. S. Wilgenbusch                                        Mrs. H. Lammer-Heindel

Mrs. M. Williams                                              Mrs. T. Redmond

Ms. L Oberhoffer

Mrs. M King

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Trica Brokus, Student Needs Facilitator, at 552-5504 or


Mrs. Trica Brokus
Student Needs Facilitator
Dubuque Senior High School

RAMS – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the end of every school year we see the large trash cans in the halls get filled as lockers and backpacks are emptied.  And every year we see large quantities of recyclable or reusable school supplies get sent to our landfills.

In an effort to reduce the amount of solid waste produced at Senior and provide assistance to Rams in need of school supplies for fall, the AP Human Geography students are creating a voluntary program for students to recycle or donate their school supplies.

Each teacher will be asked to VOLUNTARILY participate by allowing APHG students to place a REUSE box in their classrooms.  These boxes are where students can put reusable school supplies (binders, notebooks, pens, markers, etc.).  Supplies do NOT need to be in brand new, pristine condition!  For example, a binder that has “Algebra 1” written on it, but is still in good shape and able to be used would be great!  However, a notebook that has no clean paper left in it should be put in the recycle bin.  If you or your students are unsure about the usability of an item, put it in the REUSE box – APHG students will sort the items and recycle what is determined to be unusable.

APHG classes will be creating posters, videos, and announcements to encourage students to participate in this program.  Collected supplies will be sorted, stored, and provided to students at fall registration.  We are working with National Honor Society to run a “store” for students to purchase these supplies at VERY low suggested donation (i.e. 25 cents for a binder).  Students unable to donate will NOT be denied supplies!  Funds collected through this process will be used to purchase permanent containers to continue this program in the future.

APHG students will collect materials placed in the REUSE boxes during 2nd and 6th periods on the following dates.  Boxes should be left outside the classroom door to minimize disruption of classes.

Thursday May 26

Friday May 27

Wednesday June 1

Thursday June 2


Parents are encouraged to send anything from home that could be reused.  Items may be turned in to any classroom box.  Additional boxes will available in Guidance and the LRC if that works easier for before school drop offs.

Support One of our Own and Get your “PinkOut” Shirt!

Senior BB PinkOut Shirt Order

Tuesday, January 5th will be the annual “PinkOut” basketball game against Hempstead.  We will be selling Pink Out t-shirts in support of our very own Ram,  Mike Wulfekuhle.  Mike is a veteran social studies teacher and former coach at Dubuque Senior High School and has been battling lung cancer. He and his family will be recognized at the basketball game the night of January 5th.

Please join us in supporting Mike by purchasing a Pink Out t-shirt (order forms can be found on the Senior High website or in the Activities Office).  All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society and or former “Pink Out” honorees still battling cancer.

Order forms and payments can be turned into the Activities Office. Let’s get our RAM FAM together and support Mr.Wulfekuhle in his battle against cancer

* Orders and payments can also be dropped off to Dennis “Deno” Noel. Payment must accompany the order form.*

Email:  Phone: 563-581-9672

*Due to the Holidays orders MUST be turned in by noon on Tuesday December 22nd 2015 so that orders are available on Monday January 4th2016*